Writing works – pedagogy

Characteristics of the direction

There are plenty of pedagogic courses at universities. I am committed to the changes of the modern world. As research shows, this process will accelerate in the coming years, thus increasing the demand for more and more qualified pedagogues. Currently – the spectrum of pedagogical majors offered by English and foreign universities is so wide that certainly everybody will find something for themselves (from pedagogy of care and education, rehabilitation pedagogy, health pedagogy and many, many others).

Graduate profile

Pedagogical studies shape social sensitivity, teach independence in acquiring and expanding knowledge, and reinforce the awareness of continuous replenishment. The form of studies, based on the Bologna system, allows you to acquire the necessary skills and experience during the first three years (first cycle), enabling you to take up a job, also gives you the opportunity to continue your studies at the second-cycle Master’s degree studies. During the course of study, the student, according to personal preferences, should learn at least one modern language to the extent enabling independent understanding and communication. Second degree master studies in a complementary way prepare for future work as a pedagogue, allow to supplement and enrich the knowledge gained at an earlier stage, so that the graduate will leave the university walls fully satisfied, according to the program selected by the lecturers tailored to modern market needs. In addition – a graduate should not have a problem planning his own career path, because he will learn the basic mechanisms and tools in the field of human resource management and career planning.

Professional perspectives

Graduates of medical studies after completing the six-year study and passing the Medical Examination of the State will find work in public and non-public healthcare institutions (clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, private clinics, sanatoria, etc.), research centers, sanitary-epidemiological stations, counseling or institutions dealing with dissemination of pro-health education. You can always consider the issue of starting your own business, which, however, in the case of doctors’ offices requires the acquisition of many certificates of entitlement and permits for the provision of medical services, and, above all, the resources for adequate equipment of the cabinet. The fact of England’s membership in the European Union also opens the gates to work outside of UK, and this step, due to high earnings and prestige, is decided by more and more graduates of medicine.