Writing Jobs – Tourism

Who did not dream about traveling, getting to know new people, cultures, languages, trying unknown dishes, visiting or actively spending each day. Tourism as a field of study is an excellent choice for people who have reacted extremely positively to the above question. Tourism is a study for active people interested in the world around them, as well as people who are open, creative, independent and having organizational skills. Knowledge of foreign languages, ease of learning, general physical fitness and willingness to help others (eg first aid during a trip) are equally important. During the course of study, students not only study theoretical knowledge, but also often go on sightseeing trips learn about culture, history, languages ​​and, of course, geography in theory and practice.

Characteristics of the direction

Studies in the field of Tourism last five years, three years takes the title of professional bachelor, another two masters. Tourism can be studied at the Academies of Physical Education, Universities as well as private universities. The scope of requirements for a candidate deciding on the field of Tourism and the material taught at the university may differ slightly depending on the chosen university (from the candidate may be required eg. Fitness test checking swimming skills or additional language test). During studies in the field of Tourism, humanistic, natural and general subjects are taught (philosophy, psychology, sociology, history of art and architecture, economics, basics of marketing, organization and management, leisure pedagogy, sports medicine, health education, anatomy, human physiology) and directional (basics of tourism, tourist national and international market, management of tourist values, law in tourism, tourism geography, methods and techniques of tourist service, sightseeing). Other subjects depend on the specialization chosen by the student. Studies in Tourism provide practical knowledge in the field of planning and development of the tourist offer and implementation of tourist-cultural and recreation-sports events. Students of tourism have additional opportunities to improve their qualifications and qualifications, for example, obtaining a national or international tour guide, a free-time teacher’s course, a camp counselor course, etc. In addition, tourism students have the opportunity to gain professional experience while studying, working as sports instructors or mentors holiday trips or colonies. Holidays are for students of Tourism a time when they can combine business with pleasure – it is worth checking job offers or internships in restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, tourist information offices, recreation and leisure centers or municipal offices.

Professional perspectives

Graduates of Tourism have extensive knowledge about the world, skills and educated predispositions enabling them to take up jobs in many interesting professions related to tourism, culture, sport and event organization. Work can be sought in all kinds of state and private enterprises and tourist organizations, commune, poviat and voivodship offices (eg position related to the organization of events and tourist promotion of a given city), travel agencies, airlines, on ships and ferries, in hotels, or tourist and health resorts. Certainly, it is worth trying to pass the state exam and acquire the qualifications of a tour guide or city guide. Job opportunities for tourism graduates is really a lot, sometimes it’s also a bit of creativity and an original idea to successfully set up your own business offering tourist services.